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Full City & Guilds Level 3 Advanced Dog Grooming Qualification

Committee Memeber of the English Groomers Group

Groomers Spotlight Member

Memeber of The Pet Industry Federation 

Member of the British Dog Groomers Association


Over 20 years working with dogs

The Full Groom Experience

This visit is perfect for breeds that have a specific style or to keep long coated breeds in a more managable style.

It may not be possible on coats that have become matted.

What to Expect 


Upon arrival, we will discuss with you your styling preferences and options, and after confirmation of collection time, your pooch will be given a brush through and coat check. This is to determine the most suitable shampoo for your dogs skin and coat.


Warm shampoo is then freshly made up for your dog and after a relaxing, warm bath your dog will be dried using a method that is best suited to their coat type and temperament.


Most of the dogs that visit us are towel dried and then hand dried on the grooming table. For dogs that are nervous of the hairdryers, a short break in a warmed kennel may be given. This will quicken the time required for drying on the table.


After a brief relaxing interlude we begin the styling. Any loose coat is removed and the coat brushed through, nails are trimmed and sanitary areas are tidied.


Your dog will be styled in the way discussed upon drop off, using the most suitable method to acheive the desired look.  This will most often include a combination of clipping, scissoring and thinning.  We no longer do handstripping, but light finger plucking to tidy may sometimes be done.


And finally your pampered pooch is given a spritz of conditioning coat spray and is ready for you to collect.



Complimentary cuddles and kisses are given throughout the grooming visit.